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Brianna Walker Headshot

Hey, that's me.

I'm Bri, an Atlanta based user experience designer. I have a passion for bridging the gap of misunderstanding between users and a design. For crafting digital products that are accessible, intuitive, and streamlined. 

I got my start into UX through the Google UX Design Certificate before completing my Bachelors in Design and minor concentration in Psychology at North Carolina State University. I stepped foot into the freelance world in 2021, creating websites and brand guidelines for businesses before starting as a UX Designer at Synovus in January of 2022. 

My favorites:

Color: #ED1566

Font: Poppins semi-bold

Tool: Figma

Style: Minimalistic

TV Show: New Girl

Flower: Tulips

Place: Any body of water

Book: Outwitting the Devil

I do more than design!

Some cool things I like do are...

run, hike, try new coffee shops and restaurants, read, travel, cook and bake, explore, & hang with my friends and family

Image of river
Image of waterfall
Image of food
Image of coffee
Image of cake
Image of tree
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